Internationally award-winning poet and writer

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WHERE THE  LOST THINGS GO

Poetry collection written by Anne Casey, first published by Salmon Poetry in 2017; 2nd edition published by Salmon Poetry in 2018.

​book information:

Summary and extracts on Salmon Poetry website

where to buy:

‘where the lost things go’ can be purchased direct from the publisher: Salmon Poetry

Also available from bookshops including Kennys and Easons in Ireland; Kinokuniya, Better Read Than Dead Books, Girls on Key Poetry Portal, Angus Robertson, Dymocks and Gleebooks in Australia.

Purchase online via Amazon, Girls on Key, Abe Books, Barnes & Noble, Biblio, ex libris, Fishpond, Book Depository, Booktopia. alibris and Walmart, among others. Check Bookfinder to compare prices.

Available to view/borrow at: Princeton University Library, NJ, USA.

responses to this book:

"Read this for its beautiful, heartrending poetry about emigration and bereavement."
– Martin Doyle, Books Editor, The Irish Times

 “Lyric, for their song-like pulse and melodies, but with strong narrative bones, Casey’s exquisite poems collect the spectral, and hold and cherish the fleeting. Witnessing gain as well as loss, these are poems of acute, witty and empathic vision.”
– Felicity Plunkett, poet, critic and Poetry Editor at University of Queensland Press

 “Anne Casey's strongly worked poems – including a most powerful Inversion impress as heart-felt observations of a time and place.”
– Ciaran Carty, author, leading Irish critic and broadcaster, and editor of Hennessy New Irish Writing

 “We feel every form of loss exposed or explored by Anne Casey's poems. Such a heart she has. They are subtle, rich, ironic, and sharp as ‘switchblade … tongues.’ Read this book — feel ‘the spaces between things.’”
– Lizz Murphy, poet, Poetry Editor at The Canberra Times

"'Where the Lost Things Go' is a powerful book. [...] These are poems that bear regular re-reading, and in whose rhythms a human heart beats so strongly it’s impossible not to feel drawn in."

- Magdalena Ball, author, poet, critic at Compulsive Reader

"Her poems bring us back to the elemental, a time when our senses were 'searing', our hearts 'ablaze'."

- Rochelle J Shapiro, author, poet, critic

 "Neat, truncated language and glorious imagery. A poignant remembering of a broken-hearted mother urging her emigrant daughter home. This collection is alive with 'tuppenny dreamers', worrying young mothers, as well as with the ghosts of West Clare, and the fresh colour and displacement of Australia where the author now lives, far from her 'little town/at the wave-washed edge/of the world'.
– Nuala O'Connor, award-winning Irish novelist and poet

“Anne Casey’s poetry exploded like a firework across the Irish poetry world during her reading tour of summer 2018. Long may she continue to emit such light.”
– Kevin Higgins, literary critic and ‘likely the most widely read living poet in Ireland’

"Anne Casey’s poetry is close to the raw bone. From the first and marvellous title poem in the collection, where the lost things go, Anne’s remarkable poems capture the nuance of time and place, of home and absences."
– Eleanor Hooker, award-winning Irish poet, writer and literary event convenor

"What’s quite wonderful is also the measure that Anne, as a poet, takes to express the ever-existing daily chores as things that are not just what they are, but also how they are and how we take them to be."

- Jayant Kashyap, poet, editor, reviewer in Humane