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Read and listen to poetry written by Anne Casey and published in 2019 via the links below.

Journals, magazines, newspapers ETc:

  • 'bull market'  was published in Panoply Literary Zine, Issue 11, Winter 2018-2019 on 4 January 2019.
  • 'In Memoriam II: The draper'  was published in Gill Stoker's Poems and Pictures at the Mary Evans Picture Library & Historical Archive  (the UK’s leading specialist source for historical images and cinema) on 11 January 2019. This poem was first published in leading national daily newspaper, The Irish Times,  in December 2016 and has since been republished internationally several times.
  • 'Storms in teacups' was published in HCE Magazine - 'The Rituals Issue', Volume 7 Issue 3,  January 2019. 
  • 'In limbo'  was published in Burning House Press  in January 2019.
  • 'If Wallets Were Skirts'  was published in  FemAsia Magazine Issue 5,  January 2019.
  • 'In memoriam II: The draper', Credos', 'Smorgasbord' and 'Come and find me'  were featured in The Compusive Reader Talks podcast with Magdalena Ball on 11 February 2019.
  • 'Whisperings' was selected by Willoughby Council, New South Wales (Australia) for inclusion in the program for the Bush Poetry and Music  event at Henry Lawson Cave in Sydney on 24 February 2019. This poem won 1st Prize in the Henry Lawson Verse & Short Story Competition 2018  - Traditional Verse.
  • 'Quiet unto the void'  was published in Visual Verse: An Anthology of  Art and Words  Volume 6, Chapter 4 in February 2019.
  • 'Between ebb and flow' was included as an audio recording in the 'A Deeper Country' curation of the Poetry Jukebox by curators, Maria McManus and Tade Ipadeola in February 2019.
  • 'What Lies Beneath - a lament for the Great Barrier Reef'  was performed by international environment activists, The Climate Guardians, by invitation, for the opening of leading contemporary Australian artist, Janet Laurence's 'After Nature'exhibition at iconic Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia on 28 February 2019.
  • 'Portrait of a woman walking home', 'Drive-through nation', 'Three hours to midnight', 'Vivid dreaming', 'I will arise and go' and 'in their scores, by sixes and sevens' were published in  Live Encounters  March 2019.
  • 'All Souls' was published in the February/March issue of  Scope magazine (Fellowship of Australian Writers Queensland). This poem was Highly Commended in the Fellowship of Australian Writers Queensland Literary Competition 2018, a finalist in the Summer Literary Series 2018 Fiction & Poetry Contest (Canada) and was longlisted for the Bedford International Writing Competition 2018 (UK)​.
  • 'out of a thousand cups', 'singularity', 'Need to know' and 'to be at once within & outside of oneself' were published in FourXFour Journal,  Issue 28 (Poetry Northern Ireland) on 21 March 2019, when Anne Casey was a feature poet for World Poetry Day.
  • 'Wayfare' was featured on  The Poetry Wall  at the Exchange, Nicholas Street in Limerick city, Ireland for April - Poetry Month 2019 - as part of a Limerick Writers' Centre poetry in public places initiative supported by Quay Books and Limerick City and County Council.
  • 'Transparency' was published in  Burningword Literary Journal  Issue 90 in April 2019.
  • 'You'll never walk alone'  was published in FemAsia Magazine in April 2019.
  • Recordings of ' Category four'  and  'Leonora is grieving'  were featured on  Poetry M'App  as part of  LabelLit  curated by Maria McManus to celebrate Poetry Day Ireland in May 2019 - with support from Poetry Ireland and Arts Council Northern Ireland. The project features recordings of 50 poets on 5 continents reading their poetry.
  • 'Fellow traveller' was published in  DASH Literary Journal  (California State University) in May 2019.
  • 'where once I saw her dance', a lyrical lament for the Great Barrier Reef, was presented as part of  The Monologue Adventure 2019  curated by Lliane Clarke, with professional performances in Sydney on 12-13 May 2019.
  • 'PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS' was published in  The Poets' Republic,  Issue 7 in May 2019.
  • 'WRONG WAY GO BACK' was published in The Canberra Times  on 25 May 2019.
  • 'crush' was published in Barsakh  (the literary journal of Albany, State University of New York), Spring Issue in May 2019.
  • 'Lament for Aleppo' andQuiet unto the void'  were published in Bold+Italic  literary journal in June 2019.
  • 'I will arise and go'  was published in print in The Irish Times Magazine on 6 July 2019. This poem was also published in The Irish Times online at the end of the article entitled "In Australia I’m regarded as Irish, but in Ireland I’m ‘not from here’" on 6 July 2019, when it featured in the Top 5 Most Read items in the newspaper.
  • 'in a sunburnt country' was published in  Awake in the World  ecopoetry anthology (Riverfeet Press) in July 2019.
  • 'I will arise and go' - a reading of this poem by Anne Casey was featured in her radio interview with Gavin Grace on Clare FM in July 2019.
  • 'howling at the moon'  and 'None shall sleep'  were published in  The Australian Showcase Edition of The Enchanting Verses  in July 2019. 
  • 'Singularity' and 'Blessed amongst lunacies' were published in 'Giant Steps: Fifty poets reflect on the Apollo 11 moon landing and beyond'  anthology (Recent Work Press) in July 2019.
  • 'Bliss as', 'Over a midnight shore' and 'Changeling' were published in  Black Bough Poetry  in July 2019.
  • 'What's in a name'  and 'Cross-stitched'  were published in FemAsia Magazine  in July 2019 (see end of article entitled 'Confronting The Dark Side Of The Irish Down Under').
  • 'At sea',  an ecopoem was published in Plumwood Mountain - 'Intersecting Energies' edition in August 2019. 
  • 'Still I Rise', 'Category Four', 'Breaking winter’s spell', 'You’ll never walk alone', 'What’s in a name?' and 'Cross-stitched' were published in the Diamond Jubilee (60th Anniversary) Edition of the  Clare Association Yearbook  in 2019. 
  • 'sideshow' was shortlisted for the Bangor Forty Words Competition and published in the Bangor Literary Journal,  Issue 9 in August 2019.
  • 'I will arise and go'  was published on The Wild Geese, Irish cultural network and featured on the front page in August 2019.
  • 'Out of the mouths of babes' was published in The Darg   (The Poets' Republic 2019), an anthology to mark the centenary of Scottish poet, songwriter and political campaigner, Hamish Henderson, which was launched on 14 August 2019 at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.


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