Internationally award-winning poet and writer

​​​​​​​​​​​Interviews & media 2021

  • 'The light we cannot see'  - a review by D. Ferrara, Editor of American Writers Review  was published in At the Inkwell  in October 2021.

  • 'Meet our contributors: An interview with Anne Casey'  - discussing her poem, 'Our Prime Minster says the vaccine is not a silver bullet', which won the American Writers Review Competition 2021  was published by American Writers Review  on 16 August 2021.

  • 'Mandalas of Healing and Relief' - a review by Yuyutsu Sharma of  the light we cannot  see poetry collection by Anne Casey (Salmon Poetry 2021) was published in print and online in Pratik  international literary magazine, Spring 2021 issue in August 2021.

  • ​'the light we cannot see' interview with Anne Casey by Conor Clohessy  - published in The Clare Champion on 8 July 2021.