Winner 2017 Glen Phillips Novice Writer Award

Anne holds a Law degree and qualifications in Communications. She is a member of New South Wales Writers’ Centre, Australian Poetry and Australian performing rights organisation, APRA AMCOS.

All of Anne’s written works are subject to copyright. She has global royalty agreements in place with APRA AMCOS and CCLI.

For further details on her professional experience, please visit Anne’s LinkedIn page. For a list of her business publications, please see: Business Publications.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Originally from the west of Ireland, Anne Casey is a writer living in Sydney, Australia. She won the 2017 Glen Phillips Novice Writer Award, and was short-listed for the Cúirt International New Writing Poetry Prize and Eyewear Books Poetry Prize in 2017, and the Bangor Annual Poetry Competition in 2016. Anne's debut poetry collection, where the lost things go, was published by Salmon Poetry in July 2017. She is currently Co-Editor of Swinburne University's two literary journals, Other Terrain Journal  and Backstory Journal  based in Melbourne, Australia.

Over a 25-year award-winning career, Anne has worked as a journalist and magazine editor; corporate and government communications director; author and editor. Her article "Returning from Australia, I barely recognise my hometown", which included two poems, was the Number 1 most-read piece overall in leading Irish national newspaper, The Irish Times, over the weekend it was published in August 2017. The article tackled family issues related to emigration and resulted in widespread commentary on social media. It was republished in The Irish Echo, Australia's Irish newspaper, under the title "When distance becomes your enemy" in September 2017.

Anne's article "The Lock Up", which included one poem, was the most-read feature article and the third most-read piece overall in The Irish Times newspaper over the weekend of its publication in May 2017. It unearthed a shameful history of abuse, rape and neglect suffered by marginalised children in 19th century Australia. Anne was subsequently interviewed by Roisin Ingle on The Women's Podcast for The Irish Times.

Her poetry has been published in international newspapers, magazines, literary journals and books, and included as a voiceover and visual art in a major exhibition in Australia. You can find Anne's poetry in publications including The Irish Times, apt journal, Backstory Journal (Swinburne University), Into The Void Magazine, Entropy Magazine, The Murmur House, The Incubator, ROPES Literary Journal (25th edition), What She Knew  (Papaya Press, UK), Addictions & Compulsive Behaviour mini-anthology (Poetry Pharmacy, 2017),  Other Terrain Journal (Swinburne University),  Tales from the Forest, Dodging the Rain, Luminous Echoes: A Poetry Anthology, Deep Water Literary Journal, The Blue Nib, The Remembered Arts Journal, Thank You for Swallowing and Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words.

Anne's poem, In memoriam II: The Draper, was the fifth most-read item - across all categories - in The Irish Times on the day of publication in January 2016 and resulted in a furore of social media commentary. She has been a featured poet in Into The Void Magazine, An Áit Eile, The Clare Champion  newspaper, Deep Water Literary Journal, Smorgasbord, and on Clare FM radio and theWhere Love Meets the Waves  poetry podcast (6,000+ viewers), among others.

Anne has collaborations with artists and composers in Australia, Ireland and the United States. She has written lyrics for 50+ songs, which feature in concerts and live performances, music albums, videos and on radio. Through a professional collaboration with US musician, Rex Haberman, Anne co-writes songs for bands including War Poets and Light Over There. Rex and Anne's song, Wednesday Girl, features numerous well-established US artists. In October 2015, Anne co-founded Casey and Lewis songwriting with Australian musician/composer, John Lewis.