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Valentine’s Day: Impress them with these love poems - published in The Irish Times newspaper on 14 February 2019, this article features contributions from leading Irish poets such as Michael Longley and Pat Boran. It includes a piece written by Anne Casey.

Secrets, lies and home truths (includes one poem) was published in Verity La Magazine in May 2018 and subsequently published under the title Marked women, unmarked graves and my typical Irish childhood in leading Irish national daily newspaper, The Irish Times, also in May 2018. The story reached No 5 Most-Read across all categories in the newspaper.

I barely recognise my hometown (includes two poems) No 1 most-read article overall in The Irish Times, over the weekend it was published in August 2017. Resulted in significant social media commentary. Republished under the title "When distance becomes your enemy" in The Irish Echo, Australia's Irish newspaper, in September 2017. Republished in The Clare Association Yearbook 2018.

The Lock Up (includes one poem) No 1 most-read feature and No 3 most-read piece overall in The Irish Times newspaper over the weekend it was published in May 2017. Subsequently published on the Wild Geese diaspora network under the title Confronting the Dark Side of the Irish Down Under, where it also reached No 1 most-read and featured under Top Content.

My Mum would ask "Would you ever think of coming home?" (includes one poem) Fifth most-read piece overall in The Irish Times newspaper on the day of its publication in January 2016. Resulted in a furore of social media commentary. 

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